Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Con Game

Hey all you wonderful people! It's that time of year again, and my love/hate relationship with the San Diego Comic-Con continues! Actually, there's no "hate," per se. Just mixed feelings; I've attended Comic-Con so many times, I often wonder what the point is. My problem is that if I don't go, I always feel like I'm missing something! It's a genuine dilemma! Personally, I find that the 'Con is best when I have a clear agenda; like a new book to promote.

This year, my appearance will be brief. I'm heading down tomorrow, so I'll be there all day Wednesday (for "Preview Night") and about half of Thursday. I have no exciting new projects to promote, nor do I have an Artist's Alley table this year. Therefore, I won't be hanging around any one particular place--so don't look for me! I'm mainly going to look around, see some old friends, and scout out any possible opportunities for work.

Sadly, such a brief trip means I won't see some fellow creators who won't be down until the weekend. I'll also miss some of the fun, like my friend Joanne's party which is tonight, and Thursday night's Drink & Draw party. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing as many friends & colleagues as I can, in the time I have.

Maybe next year I'll be ready for the full week of madness again! See you there!!!