about steve

Steve Buccellato is an Art Director, Creative Lead and Illustrator who specializes in comic books / graphic novels, publishing, and digital media. Visual Storytelling, in all its forms, is his passion and the focus of his work and his latest venture, Legendhaus, is focused on bringing graphic storytelling content to all kinds of media.

Since 1996, Steve has produced work with his studio, Mad Science Media, for entertainment and corporate clients such as NBC Universal, Mattel, Nike, Disney Interactive, Scholastic Books, MGA Entertainment, Bauer Publishing and Benchmark Education. From 2001 through 2006, Steve and his studio intermittently published a magazine anthology of comics and popular culture called Comiculture, as well as a follow-up graphic novel under their own imprint, Comiculture Books.

Steve is the artist of the Folio Award wining series of illustrated non-fiction stories produced for Rotary International; author of the Tokyopop original manga, Battle of the Bands; the artist of Ronald Reagan Illustrated Biography; and the creator of  Weasel Guy for Image Comics.

Steve is well known for his Wizard Award winning coloring work for Marvel Entertainment, Image Comics and DC Comics; for successful runs on best-selling comics such as Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Kurt Busiek’s Astro City, Batman/Spawn, Batman:Death and the Maidens, to name only a few. He was an early adopter of digital coloring and his work with Electric Crayon Productions in the early 1990’s, pioneered Marvel’s leap into the digital age with the publication of Generation X.

Today, Steve juggles freelance work and new project development with spending quality time with his family.  He is also developing an online course in comic book coloring for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, that will be offered in 2013. He enjoys traveling, biking, watching films and discovering the unique gastronomic experience.

If you want to know more, you can follow this link to his LinkedIn resume, and check out the portfolio links.