Saturday, January 30, 2010

Storyboard Job from '08

Below are some drawings from a job I drew in late 2008. The client was an Entertainment entrepreneur from Kuwait who was involved in producing all kinds of media. This particular project was for a proposed animated music video. The story line follows two characters called Tarek & Elaine who meet in the ocean and fall in love while flying around the heavens and creating a floating island paradise (pre- "Avatar," btw!).

I posted a couple of these images back when I first drew them, but now that the job has long past, I think it's safe to share a bit more, just for fun. In total, I drew about 60 boards. Here, I present a third of them...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Any Rotarians Out There...

The "Illustrated Biography" (AKA: comic book) of Rotary International founder, Paul Harris, made it's debut within the pages of the Rotarian magazine in December. Now available as a stand-alone comic at their website.

It's an interesting story, even for those of us who are not active Rotary Club members. I am very proud of how my artwork turned out, and it has piqued my interest in exploring more ways to use comic book art to reach different audiences. The world of "graphic nonfiction" has really seemed to take off since I worked on the Ronald Reagan graphic novel back in 2006. The glut of last year's Obama related titles and comics like the Female Force series from Bluewater Productions seem to back that up.

I have some definite ideas about what works and what doesn't with these books. What do you think, my friends?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heroes 4 Haiti: Auctions End

Yesterday those three pieces of art I auctioned to benefit the Haitian earthquake victims sold for a combined $163. Not a vast sum, but not too bad for a couple of drawings that were doing nothing but taking up space in my office. My thanks to those people who bid on them. The money will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

It has been several years since I've sold my artwork on ebay. More than a decade ago, I used to sell my old color guides , but stopped when there was a glut. Maybe it is time to revisit the idea. I know that some artists draw images specifically to sell on ebay, or solicit commissions there. Anybody out there have any experience with that? Maybe it would be worthwhile to offer sketch commissions right here off my blog.

Something to consider...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Heroes 4 Haiti: Art Auctions

In a small effort to help the victims of the disastrous Haitian earthquake, I've been inspired by the grassroots movement Heroes 4 Haiti to place some of my original comic book art up for auction on ebay. Right now, I have 3 pieces up on short 3-day auctions ending this Sunday. If you're interested in original comic art, this is a great way to do your part for a worthy cause and come away with a cool & collectible keepsake. 100% of the auction profits go to benefit Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

If these 3 pages sell, I may add some more next week. Please take a look and spread the word.

Here's the first piece. You may recognize it as the line art for the "Happy New Year" image I posted the other day...

It's basically Catwoman "fan art," created by me for self-promotional purposes. You can see it in color here if you're interested. CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

The second and third pieces are pages from my 2007 manga Battle of the Bands, published by Tokyopop. This is one of the title pages (from Chapter Nine)...

CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

This is story page 177. The sexy nurse offering a sponge bath and "Doctors Without Borders" are a natural pair-up, don't you think? ;)

CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

I will autograph these for the auction winners, BTW. Thanks for your support!

Thursday, January 14, 2010