selected works

Below are highlights from Steve’s career, including selections from his published work, as well as some projects and business initiatives where he took a leadership position. His own commentary is in italics...
Originally printed in the pages of Rotary International’s Rotarian magazine, these are the first two in a series of  “graphic non-fiction” stories designed to engage new readers and educate them about Rotary and its important works.  
The Remarkable Mr. Harris won a Silver award in the prestigious 2010‘s Eddie & Ozzie Awards from Folio Magazine.
STEVE SAYS:  “I’m extremely proud of my work on these pieces. I was contacted by Rotary International to draw these stories, based on my previous work in the area of ‘graphic non-fiction,’ the Ronald Reagan Biography (below). I’m a big believer in the idea that comic book storytelling is an excellent way to communicate all kinds of ideas. My editor, Deborah Lawrence recognizes this, and it was she who made this project happen. She teamed me up with Rotarian writer, Diana Schoberg, who did an excellent job, she really understands how to tell stories visually. Working on the Polio story was extremely rewarding, just because the cause is so good. 
I believe that the art in the Paul Harris biography is some of my best work to date. It is a lot of work doing research and finding reference, but I love all that. Drawing Victorian-era Chicago was a great treat for me. I’m looking forward to the next installment.”
Comiculture was a critically acclaimed, full-color magazine, distributed widely in bookstores and newsstands. It featured an anthology of serialized comic book stories of different genres, as well as articles about popular culture and interviews with creators. Steve contributed stories and acted as Publisher / Editor-in-Chef.
STEVE SAYS:  “Of all the projects I’ve worked on so far, in my career, Comiculture has been the most satisfying, by far. This was a true labor of love that challenged me to combine everything I ever learned about content creation, publishing, prepress and printing, distribution, marketing and so much more. In the process, I learned so much more than I knew starting out.
One thing I especially enjoyed was collaborating with all my fellow creators. When we started up Comiculture, it had been many years since my experience working on staff at Marvel Comics. I didn’t know how much I missed the role of editor; the great satisfaction that comes with putting together and managing a great team of creative people. It’s truly exciting and I’d do it again in a New York minute.”
OTHERS SAID: "(Comiculture is) a gorgeous production that fills a niche no one else is tackling in comics...."
--Randy Lander, The Fourth Rail
"5 (out of 5) Bullets...This magazine deserves your attention...(the) second issue of Comiculture is actually better than the first"  
--Ray Tate, Silver Bullet Comics
"...a great mix of mainstream styles and storytelling and more oddball, indy-spirit comic art as well. There's a remarkable balance in the material here, and it means that any reader...will find something about Comiculture to really enjoy."
-- Don MacPherson, The Fourth Rail
"...packed from cover to cover with entertaining stories and informative articles."
 -- Wolfen Moondaughter, Sequential Tart
"With No Power...had me laughing out loud...this is an example of the kind of autobiographical delight that makes the genre so rewarding." 
-- Alan David Doanne, Comic Book Galaxy
Featured in the pages of Comiculture magazine, Joey Berserk & Claire: Lost Souls is a serialized crime drama about a private investigator who befriends a mysterious, violent man without a past. Created, written and illustrated by Steve.
STEVE SAYS:  “JB&C was one of several properties I contributed to Comiculture as a writer/artist. This story was especially fun to work on because it was very different from the humorous work that I’m better known for. When I go to the comic store I gravitate towards serious crime dramas like Criminal by Ed Bubaker & Sean Phillips, or 100 Bullets, by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso, or other genre material. These days, I’m especially enjoying Jonah Hex, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti--especially when the amazing Jordi Bernet is drawing it. Anyway, JB&C was a chance for me to work on the type of book I like to read, for a change. 

Unfortunately, we stopped publishing Comiculture long before I had the chance to finish this complicated redemption story. I hope to return to it again someday in the future.”
From Tokyopop, the leading publisher of Japanese manga, comes this original graphic novel. In a world where rock bands literally fight each other to gain fans and popularity, the young, clueless Chet get in way over his head when he becomes the roadie for the world-trotting, all-girl punk band, Led Salad.  Will he survive the experience?
Created, written and illustrated by Steve.
STEVE SAYS:  “You’re not supposed to say stuff like this, but if there was one project of mine I could disown or, at least re-do, it would be BOTB. However, you can’t really escape your work anymore, thanks to the internet, so I accept full responsibility for this book!

The problem with BOTB (well, one of the problems...) is that it is a project completely designed to be commercial. It was very deliberately crafted to emulate other manga titles that sold very well at the time. Now, I’m all for making money, but the simple truth is that this particular story just isn’t me. I never even read a manga before working on BOTB (except Akira and Lone Wolf & Cub, neither of which are remotely like this). Creating this book for Tokyopop just seemed like a good opportunity at the time.  

In retrospect, I wish I’d used the opportunity to create something more inline with my own interests; something more original. In the end, it may not have sold more, but I’d certainly be more proud of it.

Given all that, I must also say that I’m proud of the accomplishment. It is no small task to write and draw an 180+ page graphic novel. And, even though the story & art may make me cringe today, I admit that in the process of creating it, I developed real affection for the characters, so it’s probably not all bad!  Lastly, working on BOTB was another opportunity to work with my good fiend, Rob Tokar, who acted as my editor. That was always a pleasure.”
OTHERS SAID:  "Funny and interesting...(Buccellato’s art ) perfectly fits his story. He is especially adept at drawing fight scenes, making them clear enough to follow, but detailed enough to give a real sense of movement. He is also willing to stretch a joke over several panels to pace it just right...”
A monthly 2-page comic strip featured in the teen magazine Fun Club, published in Poland. Featuring the adventures on Po’ziomka and Jagoda, two teenaged girls with a penchant for trouble! Written by Michal Zacharzewski, illustrated by Steve.
STEVE SAYS: Fun Club was great. For about two years I drew this quirky 2-page comic that I couldn’t even read! Previously, I drew for another teen magazine called J-14 (Just for Teens), where I drew spot illustrations for a monthly feature called Embarrassing Moments; lots of vomit and wackiness. Fun Club was cool, as it was drawn like an actual comic. The writer, Michal would send me some very basic scripts for me to draw, translated into english for me, but I never really would know how the jokes worked!”
One in a series of  “graphic biographies,” written by Andrew Helfer and published under the Hill & Wang imprint, Serious Comics. The book tells the long, complicated story of America’s 40th President.
STEVE SAYS:  “The Reagan book was very interesting to work on. My first attempt at what I call ‘graphic nonfiction’ for lack of a better term. I appreciate the faith that Andy put in me to draw this 100 page story, unfortunately, the production on the book took much longer than originally planned and I had to stop working on it after completing the first 50 pages. Luckily, Andy was able to get the amazing Joe Staton to leap in and draw Reagan’s presidential years, completing the book, and doing a wonderful job.

The most interesting thing about this particular job, for me, was doing the research. Some people hate that (or are too lazy!) but, I like going through the reference and trying my best to make the visuals authentic. years later, I had the same opportunity on the Rotary International stories, and I hope to do more. I think the ‘graphic nonfiction’ niche is rife with potential.”
OTHERS SAID: “As compelling as it is serious and objective.”
“...Wraps astute political reporting in brightly entertaining artwork from Buccellato and Staton.”
 --Kirkus Reviews, Graphic Spotlight
Published by Image Comics and Hyperwerks Entertainment, Weasel Guy, the world’s greatest superhero, decides to retire from crime-fighting and move to LA in order to produce a TV Show and feature film...about himself.  Wackiness ensues...
STEVE SAYS:  “What can I say? Weasel Guy is awesome!  I first created him while in high school, where I sold xeroxed copies to my classmates under the imprint ‘Pathetic Comics.’ Years later, in 1996, I was involved with developing IPs for new online entertainment--early digital motion-comics--and I re-imagined my high school superhero as the world’s first slacker superhero. The digital thing never worked out; it was an idea that was somewhat ahead of its time (bandwidth & e-commerce issues), but my proposal intrigued Karl Altsaetter at Hyperwerks, who offered to publish my work.
First, we did a one-shot, teaming Weasel Guy up with the popular Image Comics heroine, Witchblade. This was made possible by my close friendship with Witchblade co-creator, David Wohl.  It was a really funny concept; at the time there were several Witchblade cross-overs, but this must have been the strangest.
After that, we followed up with a limited series, Road Trip, under the Image Comics imprint.  Sadly, Image underwent some regime change while we were working on the series. The former publisher, Larry Marder was a supporter of Weasel Guy, but the new guy didn’t really get it.  He cancelled he book almost as soon as he took over.
years later, when I was working on Comiculture, I had a chance to bring back Weasel Guy. What I decided to do was spin-off some of the supporting characters into their own stories. Zen Girl & Gun Gal appeared in Comiculture #1 and Croak Monsieur in issue #2. The Weasel Guy universe is vast! And there are so many more stories to tell.... be continued!”
OTHERS SAID:  “(Weasel Guy/Witchblade is) One of the most hilarious & charming single issue stories I’ve read...Remarkably original & relentlessly entertaining...”
--A. Blumberg,
“The most fun I’ve had reading a comic in a long time.”
--D.G. Chichester, Writer
“An unsubstantiated fabrication” 
--David Wohl, Witchblade writer/creator 
STEVE SAYS:  “This is a partial list of comics I've worked on over the years. it is not quite complete; there are projects I was never credited for, projects that I only contributed a page or two to, and some projects I've just plain forgotten! I've tried to break it all down into categories, and individual issue numbers are provided where I was certain. Some only list the titles and not the specific issues.  Sorry ‘bout that.”
Comiculture Magazine 1-2
Comiculture Anthology OGN
Moebius Graphic Novels
Groo the Wanderer
Havok/ Wolverine
Marshal Law
Elektra: Assasin
Alien Legion
Blood:A Tale
Doctor Zero
Power Line
St. George
Stray Toasters
AUTEUR (story, pencils, inks & colors)
Battle of the Bands OGN
Princess Ai: Encounters
Princess Ai: Stories From the Other Side
Comiculture Anthology: Robot Goth Person Comics
Comiculture 2: Joey Berserk & Claire: "Lost Souls, Part Two"
Comiculture 2: Croak Monsieur: "The Cafe Connection"
Comiculture 1: Joey Berserk & Claire: "Lost Souls, Part One"
Comiculture 1: Zen Girl & Gun Gal: "Reptile Rants"
Comiculture 0: Cover art
Comiculture 0: Mister Omnipotent: "Comic Wha--?" One"Deity #2, pin-up
Deity #4 , Weasel Guy Back-up
Weasel Guy/Witchblade One-Shot
Weasel Guy: Road Trip 1,2
Remote 1-3 (English Adaptation)
Marvel Comics Presents 90
PENCILING & INKING (and colors where applicable)
Amazing Stories of Polio (appeared in Rotarian Magazine 02/09)
The Remarkable Mr. Harris (appeared in Rotarian Magazine 02/09)
Elephantmen #15 Back-up story: “Still Life”
Ronald Reagan: A Graphic Biography OGN
Belle Starr: Queen of Bandits 1 & 2
Big Book of Death 1 (pencil & ink)
Hellraiser Dark Holiday Special 1
New Warriors Annual 2
Power Pack Holiday Special 1
Savage Dragon #? (mako pin-up)
Scorched Birth #1 (pencil & ink)
What If--? 
What The--?
Avengers Annual 19
Excalibur 68 - 69
Hellraiser 3
Marvel Comics Presents 47, 90
Marvel Saga 21, 23 - 25
Marvel Super-Heroes vol.3 3
Power Pack 55, 62
Strip Aids USA
INKING (over other people’s pencils)
Avengers Spotlight 24
Conan the Barbarian vol.1 224
Robocop ?. (pin-up)
(Color guides and/or straight digital coloring)
The 100 Greatest Marvels of All Time 2, 4 - 5
Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1
Avengers Annual 19 - 20
Solo Avengers 6
Avengers Spotlight 24
Avengers Universe 1
West Coast Avengers vol.2: 35, 38
Batman: Death and the Maidens 1 - 9
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 1 - 4 (with Janson)
Blade: Vampire Hunter 5 - 6
Car Warriors
Captain America vol.1: 367 - 378, 380, 382 , 384, 392
Classic Star Wars 1-?
Comiculture 0,1,2
Conan the King 54
Critical mass
Daredevil vol.1: 290
Elfquest 30
Excalibur 68 - 70
Fantastic Four vol.1 344, 346 - 349
Fantastic Four: Monsters Unleashed 1
Gambit vol.1: 1 - 4
Generation Next 1 - 4
Generation X 1 - 10, 12, 14, 17 - 24
Hellraiser / Marshal Law
Hellraiser IV movie adaptation
Hellstorm: Prince of Lies 17
Heroes Reborn: The Return 1 - 4
Hulk Vol.1: 402, 466 - 468, 470 - 471
Incredible Hulk vol. 1: 1 - 12, 18 - 21, 23, 55 - 59
The Incredible Hulk: The Dogs of War TPB 1
Savage Hulk 1
Kaboom 1-4?
Lance Barnes: Post Nuke Dick
Manhunter 1-20
Marvel Comics Presents 9, 13, 30, 47 , 90
Marvel Fanfare vol.1 58
Marvel Holiday Special 1
Mighty Marvel Must Haves 1
The New Mutants 96 - 98
The New Mutants Annual 5
The New Warriors Annual 2
Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. vol.2: 6 - 10, 12 - 13, 15, 22 - 25, 27 - 28
Onslaught: Marvel Universe 1
Onslaught: X-Men 1
The Punisher: Die Hard in the Big Easy 1
The Punisher War Journal 40, 50
Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather 1-5
Redblade 1-4?
Sensational She-Hulk vol.2 27
Spider-Man 2099 1, 15, 22 - 23
The Amazing Spider-Man vol.1 365
The Amazing Spider-Man Annual '99 1
The Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2000 1
The Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter 1
The Best of Spider-Man HC 1
Spider-Man: Blue 1-6
Spider-Man: Chapter One 4 - 5
Spider-Man: Death and Destiny 1 - 3
Peter Parker Spider-Man vol.2 42 - 43
(Peter Parker, the) Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 9
(Spider-Man's) Tangled Web 1 - 9, 13 - 14
Ultimate Spider-Man 1 - 2
Ultimate Spider-Man Collectors Edition
Spider-Man's Tangled Web 1-9, 16-20, 22
Spider-Man Ultimate Harcover 1
Spider-Man Ultimate TPB 1
Spider-Man/Marrow 1
St. George
Strange Tales vol.2 19
Terror, Inc 1-4?
Terminator:Enemy Within
Wolverine vol.2 30, 43 - 46, 48 - 52, 55 - 57, 61, 66 - 71, 75, 77 - 79, 82, 84, 86, 150 - 153
Wolverine Blood Dept TPB 1
X-Factor 64 - 66, 70
X-Factor Annual 6
X-Force 6 - 9, 11, 13, 19 - 21, 65-67, 78 - 79
X-Force Megazine 1
X-Men 48, 81, 109
X-Men Alpha 1
Astonishing X-Men vol.1 1 - 4
Astonishing X-Men vol.2 2
Astonishing X-Men TPB: Deathwish 1
X-Men Omega 1
X-Men Prime 1
X-Men Rarities 1
Uncanny X-Men -1, 269, 292, 300 - 302, 306 - 331, 332 - 347, 350, 353 - 358
Uncanny X-Men Annual 16
X-Men Visionaries: Joe Madureira TPB 1
COLORING (Separations only)
Daredevil Visionaries 2 - 3 (from Janson's original color guides)
COVER COLORING  (this category is REALLY incomplete)
Batman: Death and the Maidens 2 - 9
Daredevil Visionaries 1-3
Hulk 1-10, 14-16
Spider-girl (covers)
Spider-Girl Trade Paperback
Lab Rats 1-8 (covers)
Man of steel 127 (cover)
Forever Amber 1-4 (covers)
Generation X 30
Uncanny X-men 346, 347
Peter Parker '99
COLORING, MISC. (random pages & pin-ups)
Cat's eye #4
Steam Punk
COLORING (with Electric Crayon)
Astro City Life in the Big City 1
Avengers: The Crossing 1
Gambit and the X-Ternals 3
Generation Next 1 - 4
Generation X 1 - 14
Incredible Hulk vol. 1: 429 - 438, 440 - 441
Savage Hulk 1
DC/Marvel Crossover Classics III 1
Spider-Man/Batman vol.1: 1
Sabretooth Special 1
Wolverine vol.2 100
Wolverine Annual '95 1
X-Force 44 - 50, 52
X-Men 48, 50
X-Men Alpha 1
X-Men Omega 1
X-Men Prime 1
X-Men Rarities 1
Uncanny X-Men 323 - 328
X-Men Visionaries: Joe Madureira TPB 1
X-Universe 1 - 2
COLORING (With "Team Bucce")
Generation X 13, 16
Lady Rawhide 4, 5
Onslaught: Marvel Universe 1
Onslaught: X-Men 1
Star Trek: Mirror Mirror 1
Star Trek Unlimited 1
X-Force 65 - 66
X-Men 109
Uncanny X-Men 330, 332 - 345
X-Men Visionaries: Joe Madureira TPB