Friday, August 31, 2007

Sneak Peek: More Elephantmen Art!

Gosh, I hope Richard doesn't mind me showing this off, but I'm pretty pleased with how this Elephantmen job is turning out. Here's a peek at page one, drawn & colored by Yours Truly...

The title & credits lettering is just temporary. As you might expect, Richard's Comicraft wizards will come up with something much cooler.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Comic Bug Signing: Post Script

Good signing last night! Tricia and I sold some books, met some cool people and ate some pizza. My thanks to Mike and Jun at The Comic Bug, Mandy, Joe & Luis from TOKYOPOP, and all the fans who gave our books a try.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Friendly Reminder: Book Signing Wednesday Evening

Just want to remind you cool people about my book signing tomorrow in Manhattan Beach. If you're in the West Los Angeles region, I hope you'll drop by The Comic Bug. I'll be whipping up some FREE SKETCHES and trying to get people to notice Battle of the Bands. I may even give out some special goodies, so you won't want to miss it!

Also, I won't be alone! I will be joined by my old pal, Tricia Riley Hale, who also happens to have a book out from TOKYOPOP called Grand Theft Galaxy. Yes, it'll be a regular party down at the 'Bug. Now, let's review:

Wednesday, August 29th,
From 5-8 PM,
Steve & Tricia will be signing at:
The Comic Bug
1832 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: (310) 372-6704

You can download a flyer PDF by clicking right here.

It looks like this:

Only bigger.

If, for some unspeakable reason, the link above doesn't work, you can copy this URL and paste it in your address bar:

How much easier can I make this? Well, I can give you this HANDY-DANDY MAP:

View Larger Map

That's it! That's all I've got! I hope you can make it. If not, I'll be devastated, but I guess I'll see you at some other event. Last week I had lunch with some SUPER-NICE people in TOKYOPOP'S marketing department and it looks like we've got some cool stuff lined up. I will certainly keep you posted.

Wish me luck...

Legoland Pics

Hey, I promised some Legoland pics, so here they are! Did a quick overnight trip this weekend with the wife & kid. We had a blast. If you have kids, or know kids, or ARE a kid, Legoland is pretty cool. My son is pretty much obsessed with Legos, so it's like heaven on Earth to him.

This was my second trip to Legoland, and I've been pretty impressed both times. It's a much more low-key experience than Disneyland...but then, they don't have as many big rides. Actually, what really amazes me is the detail in all the Lego sculptures. In the center of the park, there's an area called "Miniland" that has miniatures of different cityscapes, including New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and their newest addition: Las Vegas. These are really impressive. The detail on the U.S. Capitol Building and New York's Grand Central Station is truly a wonder to behold. Alas, I have no photos of them to share. Check their website if this sounds interesting to you. I just hope your web browser can handle it; mine just crashed twice trying to navigate their site!

The "Dragon" rollercoaser really is NOT that scary. Just hamming it up for the kid. You know how it is.

What can I really say about this pic?

In closing, Legoland gets two thumbs up! Their website, however, needs work.

Ask me about Tip Top Meats, if you dare!

Another New Review...

Just found a new review of my book, Battle of the Bands at This one made me smile:

Read it here!

Don't know who these guys are, but they get it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Interview

Back from Legoland! I'll post some pics later. Meanwhile, I want to point interested parties toward another new interview with Yours Truly. This one's on the TOKYOPOP website, wherein I discuss my new book, Battle of the Bands and some other stuff.

In case the link above doesn't work, here's the URL:


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comic Bug Signing

In a previous post I mentioned that I'll be doing a signing at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach next Wednesday evening. I'll post more extensive details later, but if you're curious right NOW, you can download a flyer PDF by clicking right here.

If, for some unspeakable reason, you are viewing this on a lousy or out-of-date web browser, and the link above doesn't work, you can copy this URL and paste it in your address bar:

How's that for service?

Tomorrow, I dine in LEGOLAND!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Pretty tired right now for some reason, but I wanted to post a sneak-peek at my latest project before I collapse in an unconscious heap.

Today I finished drawing an 8-page back-up story for Elephantmen, that will be published by Image Comics and Active Images around the end of the year. I am extremely pleased with how it's turning out. I just finished the inks, and now I can start coloring the hell out of it. I think that the past year of intense drawing has paid off. This story is going to be a great showcase for my work.

Anyway, here's a page of inks:

I think it's pretty cool right now, but it's gonna be great in color, IMHO.

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, it's Hip Flask's sidekick, Vanity Case rushing through Piazza San Marco for a cup o' joe. See, in the dark & gritty world of Elephantmen, the Italian city has finally fallen into the sea. Thankfully, these spectacular monuments were saved--and transported to Venice, California! Personally, I love that idea. I hope it happens for real. You know...unless they can safely keep it where it is now, of course!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Post-Convention Ramblings

Sorry that I haven't posted anything since August 1st. Just been swamped since Comic-Con, trying to catch up with all the things I didn't finish before Comic-Con. That's right, I haven't finished my convention video either. The sound was crap, so I'm turning it into an exciting montage. Any ideas what music should accompany??? I'm trying to avoid the obvious choices like People are Strange. I think we've all seen that a few too many times.

Last Saturday I dropped by Blizzcon for a little while. That was surreal. Thousands of people in a dark room, playing video games they already play at home--and paying $100 bucks a head for the privilege. Now I know I'm in the wrong business! Did I say that the games looked freakin' awesome?! We used to play Warcraft pretty often at the Mad Science Media studio, back in the day. It's amazing what a phenomenon it has become. And the new version of Starcraft looks fantastic.

Actually, I was there with my TOKYOPOP editor (and blood brother) Rob Tokar, hoping to meet some of the Blizzard folk. Last week I drew up some samples to show them in hopes of working on their Warcraft manga. Here's a "Night Elf..."

I also drew a big battle pin-up. We'll see if I get "approved" to work on the book.

Meanwhile, I have been back to work on my Elephantmen story for Active Images. It's just an 8-page back up story that I'm drawing & coloring, but it has been quite a challenge! The script is jammed with little details and rich backgrounds. I just finished the pencils yesterday, and I'm pretty pleased. Should be my best work to-date, and I'm looking forward to showing it off. You know--to get more work! Must...keep...working! In any case, I'll post some images here once they're inked.

Also, I'm trying to find ways to promote my new OEM, Battle of the Bands, even as I discuss a second volume with my publisher. If you've picked it up, I'd love to get some feedback. If you haven't seen it, I hope you'll check it out--and tell a friend! As of this writing, I have one in-store signing planned at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California on Wednesday, August 29th from 5-8PM. If you're in the area, I hope you'll come by and say hello. I'll be signing books along with my pal, Tricia Riley Hale, author of TOKYOPOP's Grand Theft Galaxy. Should be a HOOT! I'll post more details a week before the signing. You remind you.

Now, as I was, in fact, born a rambling man, I'd love to keep writing, but I must WORK! Have a great day!

Remember: Give me music recommendations for my video, and feedback on my book! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic-Con 2007: Reflections & Stuff

It's been a couple days since I got back from the San Diego Comic-Con, and I am still "decompressing." As many of you know, it was the biggest year ever for the con, having sold out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Never happened before. The event is overwhelming and one can spend all day reading blogs like this trying to sort it all out.

I drove down early Friday morning (5AM!) with Don Hudson and leaped into the fray! Last year I did not attend the Con--I'd missed it for the first time in over a decade--but it was familiar enough. What stunned me were the thick crowds right when they opened the doors. Truly crazy! I quickly made my way to the TOKYOPOP booth to check my signing schedule, stopping to say hello to Richard Starkings at Active Images, who took the picture above.

This year, I didn't have much to do at the convention. In previous years, Comiculture had a booth of it's own, so I had a "base" in which to hide and keep my stuff. I also had a clear-cut "mission:" To sell copies of Comiculture and my Studio's other published works. I decided to make promoting my new TOKYOPOP Manga my main focus.

To that end, I sat on one in-booth panel for TOKYOPOP on Friday afternoon. It was about "Shōnen Manga." These are books created for a teen male audience, usually with a lot of action and featuring attractive female characters. Here's a photo swiped from the TOKYOPOP website where you can almost see me!

Anyway, we did a brief signing after the panel and I convinced at least one guy to pick up the book. It was interesting, and I wish I had an opportunity to do more panels because I feel I would have had more interesting stuff to say by Sunday!

I spent most of the rest of the weekend at the Convention, trying to do some networking which, hopefully, will help me find my next big project. There's an interesting thread on Don's blog today about that very subject. I added my 2 cents there--check it out, so I don't have to repeat myself here!

Actually, Don's blog has been very entertaining this week. He has some short video podcasts that he took in San Diego. Here's one now:

There are a couple more on his blog. They are Hilarious.

For more "traditional" reporting, I encourage you to watch Heidi MacDonald's podcasts on The Beat. There is also good coverage on The Pulse. In fact, I helped them out on Saturday by sitting in and reporting on the Remembering Milton Caniff & Steve Canyon panel. My good deed for Saturday!

I also took some video at the convention, but have been unable to do anything with it yet. Hopefully I can throw together a quick edit before the week is over and people start talking about the next big show.

Right now I'm working on a bunch of new stuff, but on the top of the list is still getting the word out about Battle of the Bands. Yesterday I was pleased to report that I received a nice review on, though some people had trouble with the link for some reason. If you were one of those, and you are interested in reading the review, you can download a PDF by clicking here.

Or, you can copy & paste this link:

See how easy I make it for you?

When all is said and done, I had a really good time in San Diego. I reconnected with some old pals, made some new ones and had a few margaritas to boot. Can't complain.

Must stop writing now. Look for that video soon!