Saturday, June 09, 2012

New Comic-Con Banner

Hey there, everyone. I've been CRAZY BUSY lately, which is a good thing. Happily, I've still managed to squeeze out this new piece of art for Comic-Con, working on it a little bit at a time here & there over the past few weeks.

Can you believe it? Next month is Comic-Con again in San Diego. This year I'm feeling pretty jazzed about it. I was lucky enough to be offered a table again in Artist's Alley, so I plan to be there, showing off some new comics work and drawing sketches for all my adoring fans! ;)

When it gets closer to the date I'll post more info about what I'm cooking up, and where you can find me in the enormous black hole that is the San Diego Convention center!

(by the way... don't bother trying to visit the website listed on the banner just yet. My new site,, is still under construction, so there's nothing to see there yet. Hopefully that will change before Comic-Con!)