Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mythical Creatures Contest!

Hello there! Comic-Con was awesome this year, and I'll need to dedicate a blog post towards summing up the highlights soon. Meanwhile, thanks to all of you who dropped by my Artist's Alley table to say hello and/or pick up one of my themed sketches.
This was the second year the DeviantArt has hosted Artist's Alley at Comic-Con, and they have definitely added something new and exciting to the mix. I've been an on-again-off-again member of the DeviantArt community for several years, and find it to be a very worthwhile community of talented artists (many of whom I'm currently collaborating with--but that's another story).
Right now there is a cool contest going on at the DeviantArt website, where artists have submitted T-Shirt designs featuring mythological creatures. I've never participated in any of these contests...til now! I happen to have had a couple recent drawings that fit the bill, so I mocked them up and entered these two designs:
Like 'em? If you are a fellow Deviant, you can follow these links to give me your vote for CYCLOPS! or MERMAID! If you are a DeviantArt member, you will see a button that says "I WANT THIS!" -- That's the button to press to cast your vote (yeah, that's a bit confusing...)

Anywho...Thanks Much!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Update!

Hello friends,

As previously posted, I will be down in Comic-Con this week, and doing sketches and stuff in ARTIST'S ALLEY. My table # is FF-20, and I thought I'd better let you know what I'll be doing there...

First of all, I'm happy to help promote my brother Brian's new self-published book, Foster. As you may, or may not know, Brian is also a comic book creator who has been largely known as a colorist for Marvel & DC for many years (just like me!). But recently, he has also received a lot of attention as co-writer of The Flash (collaborating with artist Francis Manapul). His new-found fame has enabled him to launch a series of his own called Foster, which now has four issues in print, plus an exciting anthology of new stories that has been produced just in time for the 'Con.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am a proud contributor to Foster Anthology, having drawn one story, plus one of the 6 different variant covers. The whole line of Foster books will be available for sale at my Artist's Alley table, and I'll be happy to sell them to anyone who wants one! I'll even include a special CUSTOM SKETCH CARD!

On the other hand, I refuse to sell Brian's ridiculous tee shirt...

You'll need to get in touch with him yourself if you want one. I refuse to get involved. Brian will also be hanging around my table at some specifically scheduled times if you want to meet him. Or ask him about his shirt. For more info on his busy schedule, read this.

Besides sketching and hawking Foster products, I will also be carrying a selection of my own comics from days past (Weasel Guy, Battle of the Bands, Comiculture, etc.) and drawing CUSTOM SKETCHES of anything your heart desires! (Unless your hear desires some sicko stuff that I refuse to draw!). Prices of sketches will vary, depending on subject matter and on how 'tight' or detailed a sketch you want 'em.

For art-lovers on a budget, I am also continuing a new tradition that I started last year by offering SPECIAL $5 THEMED SKETCHES!!! Last year, I drew ELVES all Sunday, and decreed it to be "ELF DAY." It was so much fun, that I decided to do a different theme each day this year. Themes were chosen by a Facebook poll, and the results have determined the following sketch schedule:

• Wednesday, July 11 (Preview Night): $5 WEASELS!

• Thursday, July 12 (Morning only): $5 SASQUATCHES!

• Thursday, July 12 (Afternoon only): $5 MERMAIDS!

• Friday, July 13 (All day): $5 JUNGLE GIRLS!

• Saturday, July 14 (Morning only): $5 OCTOPHANTS!

• Saturday, July 14 (Afternoon only): $5 MUTANTS!

• Sunday, July 15 (Morning only): $5 ELVES!

If you'd like a sketch from one of these categories, please find me on the days above. Unfortunately, I will need to leave early-ish on Sunday (the traditional Elf-Day), so find me EARLY! Once more, I'll be in ARTIST'S ALLEY, TABLE FF-20! See you there! And follow my Twitter feed here: @SteveBuccellato

Thanks! I hope to meet you in San Diego! Steve

Monday, July 02, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 and Foster Anthology

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again, Comic-Con International is coming again to San Diego next week! (Time sure flies...) Once again, I'll be there, and I'll be set up with a table in Artist's Alley, doing sketches, signing and selling books that I've worked on. I'm really looking forward to it! If you are attending, you can find me at TABLE FF-20 in the Artist's Alley section, way over to the right.

One new item I'll have for sale will be the new Foster Anthology book, created by my brother Brian. This collection of stories expands upon the world and characters in his ongoing series Foster, which Brian writes and self-publishes. If you are a fan of his work on The Flash, you owe it to yourself to check out his labor of love. I contributed to the book by illustrating one of his stories, and providing this awesome cover...

Come by and I will happily sell you one with my big, fat signature on it, and even a sketch if you ask nicely! :)

That's right, I will be doing sketches all weekend, too. Last year I especially enjoyed sketching on Sunday, because I arbitrarily declared it to be ELF DAY, and offered up sketches of elves for a mere $5...

I'm not sure why, but I thought it was a blast. And the beginning of a new tradition! This year, I'm going to choose a different theme for each day, offering affordable sketches to enthusiastic art lovers! I'm not yet decided on what the themes will be, but one day will certainly be reserved for ELVES. Maybe Saturday. You can help me decide on daily themes by voting in the poll on my facebook page. Check it out. And please "like" the page, while you're at it. I could use more "likes!"

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted as things develop!