Friday, February 17, 2006

What To Blog????

Hey, it’s February already and this is my first blog entry of 2006. What gives?

Methinks I cursed myself back in September when I promised to only post blogs of “substance!” I have just been unable to decide what to write about.

Not that there isn’t plenty going on in the world. I could wax intellectual/political on the “Cartoon Riots” like everyone else. Except that everyone else IS doing that and I don’t really have much to add on the subject. Yes, I’m full of opinions on the subject but, frankly, I’m tired of hearing half-baked ideas and rhetoric from all sides of the political spectrum. Maybe I’ll just link to one of the best articles I’ve read on the subject. Leave it at that. Much easier than writing something myself!

Yes, the news is depressing. Almost as depressing as the way it is covered in the media. At least we have an abundance of Dick Cheney jokes to keep us amused (now there's an important issue...groan!).

So, it’s 2006! The macro may suck, but the micro isn’t so bad from where I sit. The holidays were quite nice this year and except for some issues with our son’s babysitter, things have been okay.

I am pleased to report that I’ve been really busy lately. Besides the usual coloring for DC Comics and my regular J-14 Magazine gig, I’ve recently started two BIG projects that will keep me exhausted for most of this year! Unfortunately, I have been unable to talk about them in detail, but one of them was just announced, so here’s where I start the “buzz!”

The first of these big projects is a Graphic Novel Biography of Ronald Reagan, written by Andy Helfer and drawn by yours truly. Here’s a link to a Publishers Weekly article about this new line of books by Hill & Wang. This is one HARD job. I never imagined I would be drawing the life story of Reagan, but I guess you never know what opportunities will arise. This 100-page book is really dense. Much research & reference to be done. It’s a real challenge.

The second book is even bigger, and I can’t really say anything about it yet. But here’s a one-word hint: MANGA.

Never thought I’d be doing Manga either. Go figure. I’m learning a lot these days! More on that soon.

Happy Presidents Day! Speaking of which, here's a mock-up of the cover to the Reagan book...

Image ©2006 Serious Comics. All rights reserved


Allen Gladfelter said...

Wow! That Reagan book looks interesting! I can't say I'm a fan of Reagan's presidency, I think that much of what is going on wrong in American politics today can be traced back to his administration. Still, I'm sure he's an interesting guy, and I'll be looking forward to this. I like comics that tackle subject matter not often approached by comics. Also, what would 80's era punk be without photocopied Dead Kennedys posters of Reagan with swasticas over his eyes? That's right, not much!

Steve Buccellato said...

The book is certainly interesting to draw. There's a challenge on every page. Reagan had a long and FULL life. It's going to be pretty dense.

As far as his presidency goes, I'm ambivalent. During that era, I was not at all political or well-informed. I just sort of echoed what my friends were saying.

Of course, all my friends were anti-Reagan liberals. Came with the territory: I grew up in New York, I'm an artist and have always been surrounded by 'artsy' people and, of course my age and the age of my peers was a big factor.

Today, I am more informed and have opinions galore, but as far as the Reagan book goes, I'm keeping my opinions out of it (and to myself). Easy to do since I'm not the writer!