Sunday, June 25, 2006

An Advertiser's Dream

I readily admit it.

I am extremely susceptible to suggestion. Especially when suggested in the form of some delicious foodstuff. Hence my search for Haagen-Daz Mayan Chocolate ice cream. I saw an ad for it a couple of weeks ago.

Dark chocolate and cinnamon. How could that be a bad thing?

Since then, I’ve looked in every grocery store around me to no avail. Until today! They have it at my local Gelsons. If any representatives from Vons, Ralphs or Bristol Farms are reading this, you’d do well to order some of this stuff quickly.

It’s delightful. Sigh. Look at this...


But then, if you ask my wife, this is the book on me. I’m the guy who always has to try the latest flavor, the new-fangled pasta or wacky soft drink.

Yes, I have a bottle of Coke Blak in my fridge. Haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll have to let you know.

I’m an advertiser’s dream. Show me a pretty picture and I’ll try your product. Luckily for our bank account, I watch ZERO television these days. That’s a subject for another blog, but I’ve been TV-free for about five years now. I keep up with the pop culture courtesy of Netflix. God bless them.

Part of the reason I don’t watch TV is because I become very weak in the cool glow of the cathode ray. Or whatever it is. My brain shuts off and I seem to loose motor functions when presented with television. I…can’t…move…! I’ll watch almost anything. Or nothing! Just flip them channels. Commercials are often more entertaining than the regular programming, in any case. Anyway, I just can’t seem to help trying new things. What a good consumer my mother raised!

Not all advertising works on me. I truly hate email spam and those annoying “pop up” ads that appear over many websites. Even worse, in the non-digital arena, is the mountain of trash that appears in my mailbox every day. What a waste of paper. Also, I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in my neighborhood, a deluge of flyers are strewn on my front porch daily. I ignore these ads on principal.

But the absolute WORST thing you can do for your product (or cause) is to ring my doorbell. I don’t know why, but solicitors are truly my pet peeve. I hate them. I don’t care if you’re a kid looking for a sponsor for a school trip, a Jehovah’s Witness, the police collecting for the department’s fund drive, or a global-warming fanatic looking for a signature. If I don’t know you personally, stay away from my door. Pretty please. I would tell these people to write up their request and put it in a letter, but I already told you that I ignore junk mail. Now if they’d take out a nice, glossy, full-page magazine ad, maybe they’d get my attention.

As long as it looks delicious!

P.S. Here’s a link. Try that “flavor finder!”


Don Hudson said...

This is so funny. About seven or eight months ago I worked on an AD campaign for Haggen-Dazs. It was for a new flavor! A flavor with cinnimon and chile and chocolate and at the time I thought, what a great idea! We did a spot with Aztec Pyramids and all sorts of nonsense. Anyway, I never saw the spot, but the flavor seem to be a big hit!

Steve Buccellato said...

Huh! I had no idea you were involved, Don! You know, if you follow the links on the Haagen-Daz website, there IS a whole elaborate "story" of the chocolate that includes 3D animation of Mayan pyramids & stuff. It's neato.

And the flavor rules!

Steve Buccellato said...

Okay. I tried the Coke Blak. Not to shabby. It's like a coke with a shot of espresso in it. I'll have to try more to be sure I like it...

Don Hudson said...

How many calories in that Blak Coke? Regular coke has about 200 per serving.

Steve Buccellato said...

Coke Blak has a mere 45 calories per serving, but the serving size is 8 fluid ounces. Your average canned beverage is 12 oz, and bottles more than that.