Thursday, February 22, 2007

That Bloggin' Feeling...

I've been wanting to post a new blog entry for a while now, but I just haven't had any time. It's bumming me out. The last time I wrote anything worth reading was days ago. Or was that weeks ago? I don't remember. Follow that link and read it again. It's not going to get much better today, I'm afraid.

Best I can do right now is a quick work update. I'm still inking my manga book. I've finished just over 50 pages. I'd feel better about that accomplishment if I didn't have so many more to go. The total page count is 183. Whimper.

This week my editor and I put together a 15-page preview that will run in some other Tokyopop titles. Starting with one that's written by my good pal, Tricia. her book is called Grand Theft Galaxy and that will be on sale in May, if I'm not mistaken. Haven't seen the book, but I read the script. It's quite funny.

Here's a piece of art from my book. I put this together for that preview. It's my cover. Sort of. This is NOT the actual logo, but one that I threw together for this purpose. Also, the cover is really in color, not grey-tones. Still, I think it looks kinda cool. What do YOU think?

More excitement next time, I promise.


Marc Siry said...

The illustration work is fantastic, as usual. I don't think I know a more conscientious illustrator than you- it's clear you do your best to breathe life into every line on the page.

On another level, the gal in the back is foxy. However, the gal in the front is also very foxy, and happens to bear a strong resemblance to my girlfriend Paula (minus the Uzi and the tats).

It may not work, but I would try a very angular type style for the logo- the voluptous letters blend in to the general voluptuosness of the page. Angular letters would contrast and highlight to a greater extent. Then again, I work for a TV company, so I would take my aesthetic advice with a grain of salt :-)

Steve Buccellato said...

Wow! You're dating a manga chick! That's awesome!

Your logo suggestion is quite sound (and I like salt). Unfortunately, I have nothing to do with that department! The design guys (and gals?) at Tokyopop are working on that stuff. I gave them some "inspirational" things to look at, but I don't know how closely they'll follow them. If at all.

I want the whole design of the covers & text pages to have that groovy "rock poster" feel.

We will see...

Thanks for the props! :)

Steve Buccellato said...

By the way, if anyone wants to peek, a larger JPEG is viewable here.

Allen Gladfelter said...

Wow, 187 pages. That seems like a lot! I'm at page 50 with my project and I'm really feeling it. Pencils, inks tones, pre-press. I feel like I'm running my first marathon. How are you holding up? You've been at this for quite a while, do these marathons get any easier?

Allen Gladfelter said...

Oh yeah, and I think your manga comic looks pretty wacky. I look forward to checking it out.

Say, when is that Ronald Reagan thing hitting? I'm also really interested in that one.

Sara Kocher said...

Really like this artwork. All kinds of neat touches, too, like the brass knuckles, or the pathetic roadie running after the bus/limo/whatever the band rides around in.

Can't wait to see the whole book!