Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I haven’t really been living up to my promise to blog more often. Unfortunately, this post is just a lame attempt to “appear” to have fresh content this week. I don’t have too much to say right now.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I have things to say, but not much time to devote to the blog right now. I’ve too many things to get done before the ol’ Comic-Con next month.

If you look at my brother’s blog, you know that I’ve been to a couple of funerals lately. They’ve given me some food for thought. You know—about mortality, family and stuff like that. As a result, I’ve started keeping a journal. That’s because I don’t like writing about personal stuff here on the blog. Sorry. Way it goes. I’m just a big tease.

Speaking of death, I’m disturbed by last week’s death of online writer/interviewer Daniel Robert Epstein. Daniel wrote for several websites including Newsarama, Suicide Girls and others. He was a top-notch interviewer of people in the entertainment industry, and no, I didn’t know him personally. I admired his work, and recently started corresponding with him via email. We sent him an advance copy of my manga. Anyway, I haven’t heard any details, but Daniel died last week at the shockingly young age of 32. My heart goes out to his wife, family and friends.

I guess that’s about it for now. Sorry if I’ve depressed you all. Maybe I’ll post another random page of art in a day or so. Meanwhile, here are some "interesting" factoids…

Reading: A Farewell to Armsby Hemmingway (part of my war kick)
Netflixing: The Office(American Version) Season 2 on DVD
Listening to: My son watching Wacky Racesin the next room. Drat and Double-drat.
Working On: Drawing a back-up story for Elephantmen, helping Don by Grey-toning his Star Trek manga story, slowly updating my websites & portfolio, thinking about the second volume of Battle of the Bands and some other kooky ideas I’d like to get published!
Smoking: A big fat cigar. COUGH!!! Just say no.

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Steve Buccellato said...

It occured to me that the family and friends of Daniel Robert Epstein probably wouldn't appreciate the fact that my blog entry related to his death is called "filler." Let me just say for the record that "filler" refers to my inability to come up with a cohesive subject to write about, and is in no way meant to belittle the tradgety of Epstein's passing.

Just wanted to make that clear.