Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Battle of the Bands Art

Yeow. My internet has been down for almost TWO DAYS!!!! Somehow, I survived this complete cut-off from the world, and everything appears to be normal. For what that's worth!

Among other things, I've been working on a new poster for my manga, Battle of the Bands. It's to give away at future signings & stuff. Here is one of the characters from the poster...

Click image for a larger view of Zoe.

In other news, the ArtWalk in Pasadena went well last Friday night. Talked to some art-lovers & schmoozed with some other artists, like Phil Yeh and Steve Firchow. All in all, a pleasant evening. I was holed-up in the Library the whole night, but from what I could see, the ArtWalk was a pretty cool event that would be worth attending next year.

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Don Hudson said...

Beautiful work! Is it a fold-out poster?