Friday, December 05, 2008

Coloring Book

One of the several jobs that has been keeping me busy, and very "quiet" here on the blog, is a coloring book that I'm drawing for a certain, unnamed publisher based in Kuwait. This is part of the cover art. You may recognize these characters. Then again, maybe you won't!


K. Callen said...

Hey Steve!

Just found your blog. Happy to see the work you're doing!

Michal Zacharzewski said...

Kuwait! Wow! My father was in Kuwait and Iraq in 1981. He was helping to start a steel factory there. He still has got several pictures with people in Arabian clothes, with camels or huge lizards. And the desert... the desert was everywhere!

Iraq people still remember Polish workers from the beginning of the 80ties and that is why Polish soldiers have a little bit less tough military mission there.