Thursday, January 08, 2009

Elephantmen #15

On sale next week: Elephantmen #15, from Image Comics. This issue features an 8-page backup story that I drew about a year ago (more or less), telling the origin of Hip Flask's inscrutable sidekick, Vanity Case! It's also got a nifty alternative "flip-book" cover (above) by Heroes artist extraordinaire, Tim Sale!For more info, check with your local comic book retailer and please visit the Elephantmen website. They have some groovy desktop postcards and stuff. The kind folks at Active Images spare no expense to entertain you.


Don Hudson said...

I am looking forward to reading that story! It's been years since you drew it.

Richard Starkings said...

Delayed a week by a printing error... but some unscrupulous retailers may still put out the incorrectly bound copies.