Friday, January 15, 2010

Heroes 4 Haiti: Art Auctions

In a small effort to help the victims of the disastrous Haitian earthquake, I've been inspired by the grassroots movement Heroes 4 Haiti to place some of my original comic book art up for auction on ebay. Right now, I have 3 pieces up on short 3-day auctions ending this Sunday. If you're interested in original comic art, this is a great way to do your part for a worthy cause and come away with a cool & collectible keepsake. 100% of the auction profits go to benefit Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

If these 3 pages sell, I may add some more next week. Please take a look and spread the word.

Here's the first piece. You may recognize it as the line art for the "Happy New Year" image I posted the other day...

It's basically Catwoman "fan art," created by me for self-promotional purposes. You can see it in color here if you're interested. CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

The second and third pieces are pages from my 2007 manga Battle of the Bands, published by Tokyopop. This is one of the title pages (from Chapter Nine)...

CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

This is story page 177. The sexy nurse offering a sponge bath and "Doctors Without Borders" are a natural pair-up, don't you think? ;)

CLICK HERE to view and bid on the item on ebay.

I will autograph these for the auction winners, BTW. Thanks for your support!

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Bob said...

I think as human beings we are all aware of the challenges facing the Haitian people as they move forward and try and pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

The process will be a long one and require great resources.

Monkdogz is setting up an art auction. We are asking artists from around the world who wish to be involved to send us a work of art 5 x 7 inches or 12 centimeters x 18 centimeters.

Of course we are also looking for bright, intuitive collectors, people who are interested in owning exceptional original works or who are looking to start a collection. There are artists involved in this project who have work in reputable museum and private collections, are having documentary films charting their work, are having books designed to high light their art portfolios etc.

100% of any and all proceeds from this sale will be sent to a reputable organization involved in helping the Haitian people’s rebuild their lives.

Bidding on these works start at $10 USD, It really is an extraordinary opportunity to collect world class art.

Just go to register, browse through the work and bid on works that engage you. It is a very user friendly process.

The auction will end the last day of March

Information can be found on The Haitian Art Fund web site.
Please contact

Thank you