Friday, May 06, 2011

More Samples

In my continued effort to diversify my portfolio with design samples, I've put together this game package. Nobody has given me any feedback on this yet, so I hope I'm not posting this prematurely! Anyway, consider it a work-in-progress, and let me know what you think!

The logo is actually a type treatment for a webcomic side-project of mine, that I'll tell you about sometime when it's more "real." I decided to repurpose the logo for this fictitious western-style video game. The image on front is a composite of photos "found" on the internet, and the back cover images are (obviously) from the video game Red Dead Redemption. I haven't played that game (yet) but it looks super-cool. Rockstar Games published Red Dead, so I used their logo apologies!


1 comment:

Don Hudson said...

I like the choice of cover art, but not the choice of Green for the logo. Maybe more of a 'southwestern Red'.
It looks like there was enough room for the logo up above the art, and you could have used the lower half for copy. That's my opinion.