Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TEDxUCLA This Saturday

I'm very pleased to announce that this Saturday, October 27th, I will be participating in a TEDx event at the UCLA campus. I will not be giving a TED Talk, but I will be using art to "spread ideas," as it were; using digital drawings to report and comment on the day's events as they happen.

This interactive experience is kind of a last-minute addition to the program, conceived of by the event's organizer, Scott Hutchinson (avid TED fanatic and the Program Director for Visual Arts at UCLA Extension). Scott will have me set up to do digital sketches of all the inspirational speakers as they do their thing on stage, and my drawings will then be projected live to the blog(s) covering the event, and possibly projected up on stage at times.

Honestly, I don't know what to expect, but I know it will be fun, and an interesting challenge. The Talks are all pretty short... some only 5-6 minutes long... so, I'm not sure how detailed my drawings will be. It's my hope and aim to get across a general impression of what it's like to be there, from a different point of view than what the video cameras will record. I'm thinking it will be a little like doing courtroom drawings...but with a lot less time to dwell on the subjects.

Last year, UCLA hosted their first TEDx event, and it was an enormous success. If you're in the area this weekend, and want to do some networking and hear some passionate people spreading their ideas, I urge you to come down to Westwood and join the conversation. Tickets are still available, but probably not for long. And come say hello to the dude drawing on a big computer screen in the front row. That would be me.

I imagine it will be exactly like this...

(I'm kidding)

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Don Hudson said...

If there is video of this, I HAVE TO see it!