Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Last Extinction Trailer

A few months ago, I mentioned a project that has kept me very busy during the past year, and finally I'm able to show off some of the work. The Last Extinction is the first novel by Writer / Producer Michael Hanrahan, a natural history filmmaker for the Discovery Channel and other media. His book will be published soon, followed by an 'enhanced' eBook version, for the iPad, Nook & Kindle. This enhanced version will include the animated sequences that I have been developing, as Creative Director on the project. Here's a peek at the teaser trailer...

In the following weeks, I plan to post a lot more about my experiences on this project. In short, Michael brought me on board in May of 2012, to help him bring his vision to life. After working closely with him to develop storyboards and concept sketches, I assembled an amazing team of digital artists from around the globe, and worked with them to create some amazing (sometimes disturbing!) visuals for animation.

I'll write a little about the process and show off some of the beautiful 2D and 3D work soon. Meanwhile, for more information about the project, creative team, and release dates, please visit LASTEXTINCTION.COM.

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