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Steve Buccellato 

Creative Lead specializing in 
content creation & graphic storytelling
  • Creative Directed & founded a cutting-edge digital art studio; employed, trained and directed  the work of more than 20 staff artists, production personnel and freelancers 
  • Pioneered the use of digital publishing tools in the comic book industry, transforming and streamlining the production process of the two largest publishers, Marvel & DC Comics 
  • Conceived, contributed to, and supervised the production of a critically acclaimed, widely distributed magazine, with accompanying website. Directed project from conceptualization to publication 
  • Created, wrote and illustrated a 180+ page graphic novel, published by Tokyopop, the most prominent American publisher of Japanese Manga 
  • Wizard- Award-winning color artist for work on best-selling comic book series (Uncanny X-Men) 
Freelance Illustrator/Author       1989 - Present (overlaps positions below)
  • Provide stories and artwork for hundreds of popular comic books 
  • Create illustrations for magazines, educational children’s books, websites, CD-ROM, advertisements, storyboards, concept art 
  • Clients include:  NBCUniversal, MGA Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Nickelodeon, The Refinery Creative, Five by Five LA, Rotary International,  Benchmark Education, Scholastic Books, Image Comics, Mattel, Bauer Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Channing L. Bete Co., 

Legendhaus   2012 - Present
Creative Lead
  • Assemble and art direct an international team of digital artists to create animations and marketing trailers for enhanced eBook production
  • Create custom graphic story content and design for digital and print publishing, games and advertising

Comiculture Magazine/Comiculture Books    2001 - 2006 
  • Published and edited full-color magazine and graphic novels, oversaw entire production and art direction, contributed story, art and design content 
  • Directed and collaborated with a team of artists, writers and web designers 
  • Coordinated marketing and publicity, including public appearances and trade shows around the country 
  • Liased with printers, book and magazine distributors 
Mad Science Media, Inc., Marina Del Rey, CA    1996 - Present 
Creative Director/Principal 
  • Developed intellectual properties for use in online entertainment and CD-ROM 
  • Managed day-to-day operations of a boutique digital artists studio
Electric Crayon Productions, Santa Monica, CA               1994 - 1995 
Creative Director/Principal 
  • Founded and administered a digital artists studio, art directed, managed projects, trained artists, developed protocols, trafficked assets, liaised with clients, printers and digital prepress partner company 
Marvel Entertainment/Epic Comics Division, New York, NY  1986 - 1989 
Assistant Editor/Associate Editor 
  • Hired and managed creative team of writers and artists, guided story line continuity, trafficked art assets, communicated with marketing & manufacturing departments 
  • Edited a line of three bi-monthly comic book titles with interconnected story lines 
  • Assisted production of diverse line of comics and graphic novels with unusual book sizes and formats, fully painted artwork and foreign translations 
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Painter,
Microsoft Word, iWork ’09, iMovie, Keynote, Google SketchUp 
References upon request

Below are recommendations, kindly written by some of Steve’s
clients & co-workers, from Steve’s LinkedIn page: 

“Steve is one of those rare individuals that can balance a creative vision with determination, organization, and execution. Steve has always impressed me with his ability to set goals and then work diligently to achieve them, while never sacrificing his integrity or high standards of quality. Steve is one of the most well-rounded creative directors I know, having developed the concept, operations, and business models for multiple creative ventures, and is able to drive and direct projects to successful completion through a combination of skill, experience, and personal focus.

I would highly recommend Steve as an element in any venture seeking cutting edge creative combined with high quality execution.”

—Marc Siry
Senior Vice President,
Digital Products and Services,
NBC Universal

“Steve and I had the opportunity to work together with Hyperwerks, where we published his creation Weasel Guy. Steve was creative in his storytelling, innovative in his approach and skilled in his illustrations. We produced 3 successful books, and continue to collaborate on projects as they come up.”

—Jamie Douraghy
Artisan Creative

“Steve is great to work with. He's imaginative, personable, reliable and really enjoys what he does. He's created many inspired illustrations for the magazine I art direct.”

—Gary Walsh
Creative Director,
Bauer Publishing

“Many people know Steve for his impressive writing and art abilities. However, I found Steve's skills as a manager, art director, creative director and project manager to be chief among his many strengths.

Though we met while working for Marvel in New York, I had never worked for Steve until many years later. I always heard great feedback from his freelancers and co-workers, and I was pleased to discover that all of it was well-deserved.

Steve organized a disparate collection of individual creators into a strong team focused on a specific set of goals. He balanced his management and creative duties with ease and always found ways to get contributors to deliver their best work and to do so on time. Steve's passion for excellence and his enthusiasm for the creative process kept morale high even when workloads were heavy and deadlines were tight.

In our studio, out at meetings, and at trade-shows, Steve was knowledgeable without being a know-it-all and professional without being plain. Steve demonstrated excellent judgment and (unlike many creative professionals) could communicate what he wanted and why he wanted it, preventing the need for endless rounds of revisions. Steve listens to opposing viewpoints with consideration and he never let his ego get in the way of a good idea.

Given the chance, I'd work for Steve again without hesitation.”

—Robert Tokar
Disney Publishing Worldwide

“For more than fifteen years, I have managed Steve as a colorist and illustrator, even as he in turn has managed me as a writer and colorist. He taught me everything I know about freelance coloring even as I oversaw him as his editor, and before that he taught me a great deal about editorial. Our relationship is equal, as we alternate being subordinate in areas the other one excels in. Sure, I hire Steve because he has incredible creative instincts and creativity matched by ambition, but what is best about his work is that he can do it all. He can write, draw, color, and organize. He's one of three people in the world that I would feel comfortable handing the reins of my job to and walking away, knowing that nothing would come up that he could not handle.”

—Marie Javins
Editor in Chief,
Teshkeel Comics

“Steve is a triple threat (maybe quadruple threat) talent. Writer, artist, colorist. He approaches them all with a rare earnestness and skill. The guy's incredible under pressure and a font of ideas. I worked with him on several high-pressure, high-expectation projects at Marvel Comics and he was always cool under fire and an invaluable contributor. Easy to work with, flexible and a quick study as well as a problem solver. He'd be a great addition to any team in any of his talent areas; writing, penciling, inking or coloring!”

—Chuck Dixon
Marvel Comics

“Steve is a consummate pro, whose work on Astro City always enhanced the series and made it the best it could be. His skill, artistry and reliability made him an ideal collaborator.”

—Kurt Busiek
Marvel Comics

“Steve is a real artist - open minded and creative and well-organized and talented and intelligent and... many many adjectives more. He has the great sense of humor what is really important in that business. For Fun Club he used to draw comic strips (two pages every month) and he never was late. It was a pleasure working with him!”

—Michal Zacharzewski
Bauer Publishing, Poland

“I have known Steve and worked alongside him on a zillion comic books over the course of many years and I can heartily recommend him as an exceptionally talented and professional creator. Steve is not only an accomplished and versatile artist, he is also a great writer and an amazing colorist. Furthermore, Steve has experience of working in editorial at one of the Big Two comic book publishers (Marvel Comics) AND has braved the stormy waters of independent publishing. Steve is a quintuple threat, a modern renaissance man. I hate him.”

—Richard Starkings
President & First Tiger,
Comicraft & Active Images

“Steve and I both came into the industry around the same time--as interns at Marvel Comics. And through the years, I've had the fortune of being able to work with Steve on numerous projects for various companies. and in every instance, Steve has done the jobs with the utmost care and professionalism. From writing to penciling to coloring to using one of the characters I co-created in a comic that he published, I've always been impressed by the quality and timeliness of Steve's work, and would never hesitate to work with him on future projects, as well.”

—David Wohl
Radical Publishing

“I've had the pleasure of working with Steve numerous times, going back over a decade. Not only is Steve an incredibly talented illustrator—who can convey drama, action, and comedy equally well—he's an innovator. Steve's pioneering approach to comic book coloring completely altered the industry's approach to the discipline. And he remains at the top of his game. Given his innate abilities, his professionalism, and his versatility, Steve is truly a unique talent. I recommend him highly.”

—Mark Powers

“As a publisher, I have hired close to 500 artists over the years, and Steve ranks right near the very top of that list as far as quality, integrity, communication, deadline awareness, and even promotion goes. If I had more like him, my job would be ridiculously less stressful. I would hire him again in a minute. Top notch all the way. My highest possible recommendation.”

—Joe Gentile
Moonstone Books

“Steve has colored a number of comic books for Top Cow over the years. His work is great and always on time and he's pulled many an all nighter when the artists ahead of him in the process were late. Highest possible recommendation!”

—Matt Hawkins
Top Cow Productions, inc.

“I've worked with Steve for over a decade and he has never failed to produce cutting edge, outstanding work. A true renaissance man and creative professional, he has risen to the challenges I've assigned him again and again.”

—Sven Larsen
Chief Marketing Officer,
ZemoGA, Inc.

“Steve is an innovative color artist and an intriguing cartoonist. He consistently delivers his work on deadline and within budget. When you assign a job to Steve, you never have to think about it, again. He's a top professional and has my highest recommendation!”

—Tom DeFalco
Writer, Entertainment & Publishing Consultant
(former EIC of Marvel Comics)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve on a number of occasions over the course of fifteen years. We spent a number of years working at Marvel Entertainment together where I found his passion for his work and his professionalism were always high. Later, I enjoyed working with him on several freelance projects at Mad Science Media. Steve’s diverse creative, editorial and production skills are top notch. I look forward to the next time we work together.”

—Carl Potts
Creative Director, Writer & Artist,
Former Executive Editor at Marvel Entertainment,
and Editor-in-Chief of Epic Comics.

“I've known Steve since the mid '90's when we both worked at Marvel Comics, and as an editor, I've hired him myself for numerous jobs, always with great results. He has always been highly creative, intelligent, and thought provoking with his work. In addition, he is a superlative and professional businessman, establishing his own service providing company for the world comics and beyond, with many following in his footsteps. I can highly recommend Steve as reliable, creative and motivated individual. And, I personally look forward to everything he does.”

—Renee Witterstaetter
Publisher/Writer/Artist Management

“Steve is a true artist and a well-organized creative director. I had the opportunity and pleasure to work for Steve at Electric Crayon. His passion for his art and impressive, diligent, organizational skills drove a large team of creatives to success; always meeting clients’ expectations.

He inspired me as young designer and stimulated my creativity. He used his skills, talents and animation to bring the team together. It was a privilege to work for Steve, and if I had the opportunity to work with him again, I would more than gladly accept.”

—Angelica Sibrian
Creative Strategist and Partner,

“Steve is one of the most talented guys who I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I would work with him again in a heartbeat! Quality, on time, professionalism, and one of the best in our field.”

—Ron Garney
Marvel Comics

“Steve's work is exemplary. He has a keen understanding of comic art at all levels and delivers high-quality work on time. He is also extremely open to feedback and changes.”

—Luis Reyes
Senior Writer/Producer,
Off-Chance Productions

“I first worked for Steve at his studio Electric Crayon, where he trained and managed me as a digital colorist. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on numerous projects over the last 15 years.

I have the highest regard for Steve, both professionally and personally. He has the uncanny ability to inspire his artists to do their absolute best by example. His high level of commitment to his work and strong leadership style make him an ideal art director as well as a rare artist that can do it all from start to finish (write, illustrate, color, etc) and always produce top-notch work.

It will be a privilege to work with Steve again.”

—Monica Kubina
Colorgraphix Productions

“Steve is a highly creative and innovative illustrator and storyteller. His unique ability to concisely nail expression and provide dramatic storytelling as an artist, as well as his managerial ability as a publisher, both recommend him better than I can.”
—Marcus McLaurin
Creative Director,
Idea Mechanix

“Steve is a talented and highly reliable creator. He has a great work ethic and is very knowledgeable about almost every aspect of comic book creation. Of course, his artwork is terrific...his portfolio speaks for itself on that, on the quality of his work and his versatile range of styles. I've worked with Steve at various times as both an employee and a co-worker and have always found him a pleasure to work with.”
—Sara (Tuchinsky) Kocher
Freelance writer, editor & designer,

“Steve is a fantastic artist and a great guy to work with.”

—Michael O'Hare
Toy Designer,