Thursday, September 22, 2005

Regarding Blogs

Haven't posted for a while. And I don't know if I've posted anything truly interesting AT ALL!

Blogs are a curious thing. I figure there are only three ways to blog if you're truly interested in having people reading.

One is to provide some valuable information on a regular basis. Maybe share some expertise on a subject. Like an ongoing lecture or a "how-to" article.

Second is to be really entertaining. That means that regardless of the subject matter, the blogs have to be well written, pithy, clever, full of irony or whatever. Full of SOMETHING to make people want to read more.

The third is to be REALLY OPINIONATED. In that case, it helps to have both the aforementioned qualities. Whether you're talking about politics or critiquing movies, books, comics, et-cetera, it helps to have SOME expertise in the subject matter (or nobody will take you seriously) and it helps to write entertainingly (or people will be bored.)

So far, none of my posts have these qualities.

At best, I've shared a TAD of information about myself and my current comics-related projects, which MIGHT be of vague interest to fans of Comiculture, Weasel Guy or my other work.

For this, I apologize.

In the future, I hereby vow to include more substance to my blogs! I will go into greater detail about my projects! I will share my knowledge and opinions regarding comics and the comics industry, publishing and whatever else tickles my fancy!

Of course, some feedback would be nice. Is there anything out there YOU want to know about? Is anyone even reading this? Am I all alone here??? I...I feel so...cold!


Sara Kocher said...

Hey Steve, I'm reading, but just haven't written a comment on anything. 'Cause comments should probably have some kind of useful content, too. And not just "hey, great site, come visit my lame unrelated web page."

How about this:

I like your site, especially the artwork samples. More of those, please. Oh, and your new Weasel Guy blog at is cool!

Don Hudson said...

I've enjoyed Weasel Guy since the first issue and I can't wait to see what's next!