Thursday, March 02, 2006

The End of the World

As stated in a previous blog entry, I’m juggling a couple of big projects right now. This is good news, but I have to tell y’all that it is not easy! My biggest problem is that the projects are very different and it’s hard to make the mental ‘jump’ back and forth. Today I’m coping with a little thing they call “Writer’s block.” In fact, this is one of the reasons I am writing this blog entry--to get the creative juices flowing, so to speak.

I’ve blocked out the entire day for uninterrupted work on my Top-Secret Manga script. Therefore, I got my errands all done early. I often spend part of my workday running around to the bank, post office, dry-cleaners and such. Today I was shocked to find the post office closed. One of the employees was hanging around the lobby, helping people buy stamps from the machines and explaining that there is some “nationwide problem” with the postal system. Sounds scary, but I’ve found no mention of the problem in the news. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe we’ll learn more as the day progresses!

After that, I stopped next door at the local Starbucks (sorry, Kieron) and was dismayed that they were only taking to-go orders for the “tall” sized coffees (that’s the smallest), because the store was out of lids for the “grande” and “venti” sizes.

Clearly, there is something amiss in the world. Let’s just say that I feel uneasy. And it bodes ill that writing this lame story is how I’ve chosen to start my workday.

Wish me luck (and don’t tell my editor)…


Sara Kocher said...

It's a vast right-left-and-center wing conspiracy. The only reference I could find to the P.O. shutdown was in the Hampton Roads, Virginia Daily Press, which said:

"The U.S. Post Office was hit by a massive national computer glitch Thursday that slowed down and froze computers from Newport News to Newport Beach, Calif."

"All 73 post offices in Hampton Roads, and virtually every station nationwide, were hit by the problem, which was brought on when a software patch that had been automatically downloaded into the computer systems went awry."

"'This has affected more people than any other problem I've ever seen in the past,' said Fran Sansone, the Post Office's communications coordinator for the Hampton Roads area. 'All 80 Post Office districts in the country had slowdowns and freezes.'"

And Starbucks?? You should hang your head in shame. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf doesn't run out of lids, you know. Oh, and the coffee actually tastes good, too.

Steve Buccellato said...

Believe me, I only went to Starbucks because it is right by my P.O. Box, not because I think it's good.

Though, I did like the "Cinnamon Dolce Latte" that I ordered. I never drink their regular coffee, which I agree SUCKS big-time. I'd rather drink coffee from almost anyplace else. Blllleeeech.

Steve Buccellato said...

Actually, the coffee cake wasn't bad either. And did not require a lid.