Thursday, March 02, 2006

Illustration Job

Today I received a copy of a magazine that I did a bunch of illustrations for last month. It's called Training Treasures and it's written as a guide for business training. This issue's main feature is about storytelling and how to use stories ro motivate and sell. The publisher wanted comic book style illustrations to go with the theme and somehow found me! It was a fun job.

Happily, the magazine looks GREAT! It's printed on really nice paper--heavy stock, glossy finish. I turned in artwork at a higher resolution than some of the comics publishers typically use and I think it paid off. I'm quite pleased!


Marie said...

So what was the higher resolution? Inquiring minds want to know.

Steve Buccellato said...

I scanned my art at 600 dpi, but the actual resolution of the printed pieces were up to double that, because I drew the art larger than printed size.

Marvel prints at 400 dpi at printed size, which really is too small for line-art. 450 really should be the minimum, mathematically speaking.

Incidentally, Tokyopop books are printed at 1200 dpi. But then, they are not color images. usually they are Bitmap LZW Tiffs which are pretty small. Color files at that resolution would look great, but you'd obviously need some badass computers to handle the files.

Don Hudson said...

Steve, the art looks rich and really excellent! Nice!