Thursday, August 24, 2006

Scary Old Photos!

Lately, Marie and a few other pals here in the blogosphere have been posting some old photos from when we were younger and working at Marvel Comics. I thought I'd dig up a couple and post them here to embarrass those involved. Including me...

This first one is from January 1991 at the Players Club in NYC. That's where Marvel used to have their Christmas parties. This pic shows Marie and her pals Marie and Nancy. You can see them posing at later Marvel parties on Marie's blog. That year, a couple of assistant editors and I decided to rent tuxedos for the event. I will spare you all those photos!

Okay, here's me that same year during my long-hair period. Aww...Ain't I purdy?

Stepping further back in time a couple years, alas, I must share this picture of Don with his eighties "flat-top" and our pal Vince who looks to be about twelve here. This was at David Wohl's infamous "wall-smashing" party, where everyone had a turn trying to destroy a wall partition David and his roommates had constructed in their Brooklyn apartment.

Next, I just need to point out Marie's shirt. A wonderful "hound's tooth" pattern, that is actually made up of black & white images of a dog. Wonder what happened to that one.

Oh, and just for fun, here's a picture of Sara making a face. She hates this photo. Heh!

That's all for now. That was kind of fun. We'll have to do it again. Maybe I'll share some nifty travel photos next time (I've got a good one of Marie on a camel, but those are a dime a dozen).


Marie said...

Oh no, are you sure that was '91? That means I got the year wrong on one of mine.

Marie said...

As for the hound's tooth shirt (har har), I am sorry to report that it lived out its natural life and was finally so worn out that it met an untimely demise in my trash bin.

Steve Buccellato said...

Yeah, almost positive it was from January of '91 (for the '90 Holiday season). My photo albums from that time are fairly well dated.

R.I.P. Dog Shirt. It was a good shirt.

Sara Kocher said...

Aaargh! You posted that photo! You rat. Or weasel, actually, if you want to be technical about it.

Could be worse, though. At least you didn't post the one of me sitting on top of Mark Chiarello's desk in my godawful black mini-skirt with the huge silver zipper up the side.

I'll be digging through my old photo boxes now for a litle sweet revenge.

Steve Buccellato said...

Aw, c'mon Sara! I like that picture...And if you make good on your revenge threat, just remember that I HAVE that mini-skirt photo you fear so much! Who wants to see???

Don Hudson said...

This posting is truly outragous. I forgot about that 80's High-top fade and I doubt that it's coming back. Where did I put that old shoe box full of snapshots?

Linja said...

You looked very handsome with long hair.

~ Marie's Mom

Marie said...

My mom took that photo of you with long hair!

Allen Gladfelter said...

Wow! I had no idea that I was in the company of such long-time chums. I think it's cool that y'all still gab.

Steve Buccellato said...

Thanks, Marie's Mom! You take a fine photo.

Just got back from New York (haven't even checked my email in 10 days!) and I see that the "Scary Old Photo" trend has continued.

Sara & Don: Of course you realize, this means war!

(to be continued...)