Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Work Work Work

WHEW! Last night I finally finished my work on the Ronald Reagan biographical graphic novel. That was one tough job! Though, as it worked out, I only drew the first half of the book (50 pages). Someone who I admire greatly is drawing the second half of the book, which begins with Ronnie sworn in as California Governor. Not sure if I can name the other artist yet, because the publisher may not have announced it. Perhaps I will be able to fill you all in later. I hope to get a sneak peek at his work soon…hopefully he won’t make me look bad in comparison!

No rest for me. The schedule on my Tokyopop book is getting more intense, so I need to PRODUCE! I’m officially chained to my drawing board for the foreseeable future. Maybe I’ll have some stuff to show off soon.

That reminds me—I’ve set up a new blog on the Tokyopop website. The new one will deal exclusively with my new manga, scheduled for July of 2007. The title of the book is…Battle of the Bands! It is a story about an all-girl punk rock band and their roadie. Actually, it’s more than that, but I’m trying not to give away too many details right now. You will have to stay tuned.

I just started drawing Bands a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty pleased with how it is shaping up. I’ve been working hard on my “manga style.” My muse? I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but my inspiration has come from watching the DVD boxed set of Love Hina, over and over again. For those unfamiliar: Love Hina was a Japanese “Harem” Manga by Ken Akamatsu. It was translated & published in the U.S. by Tokyopop, and it spawned an animated TV series, which is available from Bandai Entertainment. What’s a “Harem Manga?” Put simply, it is a “sub-genre” of manga where one guy is in a situation with several women who love/hate/love him. Love Hina is the story of a loser who becomes the manager of an all-girl dormitory. Actually, that’s just the surface of what Love Hina is about, but the actual genre and setting of a “harem manga” can be anything. The popular American manga, Scott Pilgrim is actually a variation on this theme, though I don't know if the creator would admit it! (That's a great book, btw)

Actually, I’m having a blast! And now, I’d better get back to work...Seeya!

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I can't wait to see it!