Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Thankful, Be Very Thankful

Haven’t blogged in a few days. That’s cuz I’m so gull-durned BUSY!!! Yeah, I’m pounding away at my manga pages. I’ve fallen a bit behind, and I’m burning some of that late-night oil to make up the lost time. In fact, I shouldn’t be taking this break to blog. Don’t tell my editor!!! Luckily for me, he’s too damned busy himself, so I know he isn’t reading this!

Anyway, I’ll justify this exercise as just that: an exercise. It’s important to write a little every day to keep those creative juices flowing, regardless of the content. I just pity you, dear reader, who is wasting precious moments of life, reading this drivel.

Just to make myself useful, I will recommend another, more interesting blog for you to waste time reading:


Is the blog of John Kricfalusi. He is most famous for creating Ren & Stimpy, but he’s also the creator of many fine and demented diversions. This blog was recently written about by Heidi MacDonald of The Beat (also a good blog). John K.’s blog is a vast well of knowledge worth reading by anyone who’s interested in art, animation and animation art.

Please to visit. He’s selling stuff on Cafe Press, too. You should buy some. But first, buy mine. The Comiculture Anthology makes for a fine holiday gift!

Speaking of which, Happy Thanksgiving! You may now be thankful that this blog entry has come to an end. ;)

But first, a turkey, by my son...

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