Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot Bliggety Blog!

This past week, I’ve invested a bit of my procrastination time doing some internetworking (did I just invent a new term? Probably not). This entailed setting up a new “MySpace” page (you know, for the kids!) and an account at deviantART. Permanent links are now on the sidebar here.

I still don’t know what the deal is with MySpace. It has some of the features of Blogger, but with horrible esthetics. A little browsing uncovers a mish-mash of useless information and confusing imagery. Its only redeeming feature seems to be that it appeals to a younger demographic. My MySpace page is basically a portal to this page and to my other myriad websites. It’s like I’m creating a giant…web! A “world-wide” web, if you will! If you have an account, you should visit my page and become one of my very good “friends!” Please validate me. It makes me feel better about myself. ;)


The deviantArt website is a pretty cool thing. It’s been on my radar for a while, because some artists I admire (like Becky Cloonan) have their work there. Like MySpace, users get blogs, ‘friends,’ and stuff like that…Plus, artists can post artwork. The art can be viewed or, in many cases, be turned into products like art prints, postcards, calendars, etc. This seemed like a good place for me to join. I can ‘mingle’ with artists and promote my own work. You should check it out.

A nifty side-effect of all this experimenting is that I’m being forced to learn a bit more HTML. Now, I will use some here to provide these links (Happy Thursday)…

My MySpace:

My deviantART Page:

Sigh. This just reminds me that I really need to update my online portfolio. Been too long. Will this never end?!?!

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mmclaurin said...

Fair warning: Checking out my blog will reveal that I'm doing some housecleaning. I've got a lot of old Marvel shots that feature you, and plan to post. You've been warned. Mu hu hu haaaaa.