Monday, June 16, 2008


I guess it's about time that I mention that I will be at the San Diego Comic-Con again this year. What will be interesting for me is that this year I will be in Artist's Alley. I've exhibited at Comic-Con several times while we were publishing Comiculture and also way back in the old Electric Crayon days, but i've never participated as a solo artist. Should be cool. I have no idea where my seat will be, but when I find out, I will, of course, post that info here so you can find me!

I have to say that I always have mixed feelings about the Comic-Con (and conventions in general.) I find them overwhelming, and unless I have a clear goal (like when we were selling Comiculture) and a base of operations (like my own booth), I tend to wander aimlessly and feel like I have no real reason to be there. That said, I think I've only missed 2 or 3 years since I first started going to the Con back in 1987. I figure that this may be my 18th Comic-Con or so. Crazy.

Anyway, this year I was considering skipping the whole affair, but then I found out that they had a spot for me in Artist's Alley. Now I have something to look forward to, and maybe my enthusiasm will be revived. I will bring some of my books to sell, some art and maybe I will do sketches. Of course, I'll sign comics, so bring those old X-Men books by if you want me to write on them.

Anybody out there have any other ideas what I should do, or what I can expect? Any fellow artists who have done the Artist's Alley thing? Talk to me people! And while you're at it, I'm still looking for feedback regarding my last post. This is a two-way street, you know! I'm not bloggin' for my health!

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