Sunday, October 24, 2010

Advanced Typography Assignment

So, here's the latest from my Advanced Typography class. We've been working on designing a logo for a Los Angeles neighborhood, using whatever combinations of fonts & letterforms best express the area's individual character. The instructor has been really pushing us to experiment and move beyond typical, conservative designs. I suppose it's easier to reign yourself in than it is to push yourself to the limits. There have been some really interesting results from everyone in class.

For my neighborhood, I chose Echo Park, which is an historic area close to Downtown LA, near Dodger Stadium. After fooling around with many different concepts, this week we were tasked with taking our logos and incorporating them into a magazine spread of some kind. I tried three different versions, going for very different looks & feels...

This one would be in an edgy local paper like the LA Weekly or Village Voice

This one is more of a slick, glossy magazine deal. Like Dwell or similar.
This one is a big, ol' newspaper section.

These were fun. I wonder if they're too conservative for my teacher. Guess I'll find out tomorrow night & let you know what revisions I'll be doing for round two!


Don Hudson said...

I like the Echo Park logo, but the bottom image evokes Norman Bates. Maybe a stylized satellite image?

Steve Buccellato said...

I see what you mean, Don. That house is in Echo Park, and used on the TV Series "Charmed." (I think)
The date on the faux-newspaper is October 24th-Maybe I should play up the "creepy" vibe and change the text to be about Halloween activities in Echo Park.
I dunno. We'll see what the teacher says...