Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Coloring...

Hello there. Is it summer already??? I've been pretty busy the past few weeks, but things are settling down now. Here's a peek at some comic book stuff I've been coloring...

From X-Men Origins: Deadpool #1, art by Leo fernandez

From Valentine: Plan B for Blonde, line art by Dan Cooney.

These 2 jobs were kind of fun because I got to play around with the color styles a bit. The Deadpool story is very moody and cinematic, jumping around between a lot of different locations and scenarios. I really pushed myself to come up with different & interesting color schemes for each scene jump to help tell the story. For the Valentine story, Dan wanted a simple rendering style on the figures, with more painterly backgrounds. I used Luc Jacamon's excellent work on The Killer as an inspiration.

Today, I'm finishing up some commercial storyboard work. Here's a simple frame...

The line art is by my pal, Don Hudson. This commercial is supposed to emulate a music video or something.

That's all for now! And hey--who's going to Comic-Con???

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