Thursday, January 04, 2007

Another Sneak Peek!

Hey all. Here's some more art from my new Tokyopop book, scheduled to be published in July! The book will be a black & white, Japanese manga-style, 180 page monster called Battle of the Bands! These are the main characters...

...a punk rock band called "Led Salad" and...

...their hapless roadie, Chet.

These color images will probably appear on the book's back cover. I'm pretty jazzed. How 'bout you?



Marc said...

Three words:


You manage to pack an astounding amount of energy and personality into every line and tone. Nothing is wasted- you're a fantastic illustrator.

Great job, can't wait to see more stuff!

Don Hudson said...

Your work looks really tight! I hope the rest of the world recognizes it!