Thursday, January 25, 2007

...Oh, What A Relief It Is!

AAAHHHHH…. This morning I breathe a momentary sigh of relief, for yesterday I finished penciling Battle of the Bands! Unfortunately, I only have a moment before I must hurl myself full-throttle into the inking process. I’m so behind schedule! The good news is that I’m slightly better off than I was around the holidays, but last week’s jury duty really put the brakes on my progress.

In case you’re wondering, my week of jury duty ended on Friday, when the entire pool of potential jurors was suddenly dismissed. Not sure what happened there. The trial was for 2 counts of armed robbery & assault with a deadly weapon. If it were not for the stress of how this cut into my work/home-life schedule, it would have been pretty interesting. I was in a pool of about 120 potential jurors that were being interviewed by the judge & attorneys—they never even got to me. I just had to sit there and listen to others answer questions and/or try to weasel out of service. The Judge was pretty much a hard-ass and was not letting people get away easily…if at all!

Anyway, on Friday, rather abruptly, one of the defense attorneys called a sidebar that lasted a really long time. When it was over, we were all excused without an explanation. Probably something was said during the questioning that tainted the jury pool. Or maybe the sight of 73 grumpy potential jurors scared the defendants into copping a plea! Who knows. All I know is that, while it was interesting, I was anxious to get home and back to work.

Now, a few days later, I take a quick breath. This morning Rob, my editor, is dropping by on the way in to Tokyopop to check out my progress. I still have to ink and add grey-tones to the pages, and the book is due to be finished by the beginning of April. A near-impossible task. But, it’s very important for me to make sure BOTB ships this July so I can sell you all copies at the San Diego Comic-Con!

You probably won’t hear too much from me until April, but if I get a chance, I’m hoping to squeeze in a blog or two. I have some books to recommend. I’ll also be posting some more of my work in-progress. So, please, check in from time to time! It gets so lonely here in deadline hell. Speaking of lonely…

…Poor rittle me.


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Marie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news and I know how amazing it is when you're finished a part of something.

You deserve a few hours off (I know I can't say a whole day because you don't have enough time for that). Treat yourself to a movie! Or maybe a nap.